The Pintail Action Group Website

The Pintail Action Group coordinates research, conservation and management actions for Northern Pintails in North America.

This population remains a source of concern due to ongoing low population estimates. Whilst our understanding of factors limiting population growth – low reproductive success of prairie-nesting Pintails being a noteworthy reason – has improved, probably the greatest conservation challenge is implementing the actions believed necessary to improve the productive capacity of prairie landscapes.

Northern Pintail Prospectus

Northern Pintail: Prospectus for an Action Group

Pintail numbers have been low for some time, yet relatively little management activity, and research has been focused on pintails, particularly on the breeding grounds.

Northern Pintail Fact Sheet

Northern Pintail Fact Sheet

From Ducks Unlimited Canada, facts about distribution ranges, food habits, distinguishing characteristics, breeding and other tidbits about the Northern Pintail.

Distribution of the Northern Pintail in North America